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We offer over 38 years of experience with debt collection in The Netherlands and International debt collection.

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Debt collection in Lithuania

When your doing business with companies abroad, for instance in Lithuania. But when invoices remain unpaid you are facing the choice of doing nothing and hope for the best or take action. Debt collection is then the first/logical thought. It is good to know that you can go to a collecting agency which has the necessary experience and expertise; De Incassokamer.

Years of experience with debt collection across borders.

For decades the De Incassokamer has been collecting debt not only for Dutch companies with claims abroad, but also for foreign companies. De Incassokamer provides the debt collection of their claims in the Netherlands as well as their international claims. For example in Lithuania but also in many other European countries. And even further away in other continents like Asia, Oceania, Africa North - and South America we have successively collected debt to the satisfaction of our client. At De Incassokamer several of the major languages are spoken fluently. This, as has been shown, leads to an improved success rate.

Rates for debt collection in Lithuania

For a complete and detailed picture of our debt collection rates in Lithuania apply here for our debt collection documentation. However in short we can say that we charge per claim a small amount for administration costs and our commission is based upon No Cure No Pay.

Collecting through court measures in Lithuania

Should it prove that a successful prejudicial debt collection is impossible then De Incassokamer will discus with you if court measures are the sensible way forward. Every claim on a debtor has their own characteristics. Sometimes court measures should be taken in the Netherlands and the next time this should be done in Lithuania. Choice of legal system and place of conduct are of major importance with international debt collection (Battle of forms). This can have a big influence on the final result and costs of the procedure. Luckily a lot is regulated within international civil rights. For example the United Nations Convention on Contracts for international sales of goods (CISG also named the Vienna convention) and the convention of Rome.

Debt collection in Lithuania and general terms and conditions

Perhaps even more than in the Netherlands is when doing business in Lithuania or other countries it is important to have good general terms and conditions and use them in the proper way. As just stated above with collecting through court measures internationally the choice of the legal system under which your are doing business is of major importance. Therefore let De Incassokamer advice you on it. Call one of our specialists and let them audit your general terms and conditions on use and language for a small fee.

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Your trustworthy address for:
debt collection, financial- and or legal services.

35 jaar De Incassokamer
We offer:
over 38 years of experience with debt collection in The Netherlands and International debt collection