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We offer over 38 years of experience with debt collection in The Netherlands and International debt collection.

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Business contracts


How often do you not hear: "Sorry, I did not realise."

Nothing is more unpleasant than being confronted with gaps in the contract, after hard negotiations. Let us be clear. No contract is watertight. The same as that money could not be forged.

There is a difference in the quality of contracts, though. And expertise is an essential link for quality. Your choice for De Incassokamer as your business partner is a choice for quality.

Formulate and register "General Terms and Conditions".

Conducting business is taking risks, but of course no more than is necessary.

A sound business contract is built on a solid legal foundation. "General Terms and Conditions" are an inseparable part of it. You have come across the small print in a contract. Without going into details the Terms and Conditions describe the legal foundation of important general and particular aspects of your transactions. The most important ones are for instance rights of ownership, payment methods and liability.

Let the expertise of De Incassokamer support you. For over 38 years we have been dealing daily with formulating General Terms and Conditions.

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General repair terms and conditions:

In more and more branches businesses work with separate general repair terms and conditions. This is becoming necessary because of the constant technological developments. Specialisation is the consequence of this development. Not every supplier can perform repairs on products he delivered. This development very clearly shows in compound products in the field of mechanization and automation.

Some issues that can be dealt with in the repair terms are:

  • Loss and damage of information carriers;
  • How to treat confidential information;
  • Liability of a match by producer when the customer does not use legal software;
  • Etc.

It is relevant to take care of repair terms. Because a financial 'accident' can arise any time.

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Your trustworthy address for:
debt collection, financial- and or legal services.

35 jaar De Incassokamer
We offer:
over 38 years of experience with debt collection in The Netherlands and International debt collection